Brendan has been my teacher for about 3 years now, and I have had a very positive overall experience with him. He is a professional and involved teacher, who wants to see you get better through hard work and dedication. He is skilled in many styles of playing, so you can be sure he will help you progress no matter what style you choose. I began my studies with blues and progressed through jazz, rock, and many other areas of study. When I decided to go to Berklee for music, Brendan was supportive and paid close attention to the process, helping me prepare a successful audition, leading to my acceptance at Berklee. He even played on an EP I recorded entitled "Skylines." I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and mentor than Brendan. I highly recommend his services.

Brendan Bondurant was my guitar instructor for 5 years. He gave me the knowledge and abilities to be blessed enough to take my skills to the college level. He taught me what and who I needed to know to make a career out of being a musician. Now, the tables have turned and I am teaching students how to play guitar. Still to this day, Brendan is checking up on me as well as still showing me new tricks of the trade. He takes time out of his week to think about and care for each student he has and that is why I strongly recommend Brendan to be anyones teacher, beginner or advanced.

Brendan Bondurant announced he is moving this week to Colorado. I strongly encourage any of his students to continue lessons with Brendan via Skype - he is perhaps one of the finest educators I have run across in my career and an amazingly talented musician with a true passion for all music.

We wish Brendan well and know his star is on the rise.
  • Tony LoCascio - Director Rock School KC - Coordinator Olathe Parks and Recs Rock School - Programs Director Champions of Life Non Profit Org. for Kids and Teens