Brendan is a classical and flamenco guitarist in the Denver area. Visit the News page for info or the Media page to hear him play.

Looking for Guitar Lessons in Denver?

Brendan is an experienced guitar teacher, and offers private guitar lessons to students of all styles and skill levels in the Denver area. If you want your child to start learning music, look no further - Brendan expertly guides kids as young as five or six on their journey of instrumental study. If your teenager has decided to take it to the next level, Brendan's students have been accepted into prestigious music schools like the Berklee College of Music and Belmont University. Maybe you're an adult and just want something fun to do after work - Brendan has many successful adult students, and in addition to private lessons, organizes group events so that they can get together, relax, and play music.

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For those who are not in Denver, but are still interested in studying music with Brendan, he teaches online lessons as well.